New year’s resolutions


I have to admit, I’ve neglected this blog. I started with good intentions, but somehow it petered out. Sadly, I have more posts in my draft folder than published ones. No more. This year, I’m going to be better.

I think that every year, but that’s besides the point. This year I really mean it, so I’ve drawn up some resolutions which I actually have some chance of keeping.

  1. Pass the NCTJ media law exam

    The last time I sat the exam, I failed by a single mark. I’m convinced that this time I can do it. Third time lucky.

  2. Write at least one blog post every week

    It doesn’t need to be long, even sharing an interesting link or news article is better than nothing.

  3. Work on my languages

    I’ve been studying Russian for 18 months now and still struggle with the alphabet. It’s incredibly frustrating to stumble over words like a five-year-old when I read to my teacher, but I’m determined to get to grips with it. On the plus side, I’m brushing up my A-Level German and learning French and Norwegian with the help of the very addictive website Memrise. Tip: Norwegian is worth learning if you already speak German, as it sits somewhere between German and English.

  4. Eat more healthily

    This is probably the easiest one to do – I’m trying to eat more balanced meals and increase my iron intake. My job might be sedentary, but I fence for five hours a week, which takes a lot of physical and mental energy.

  5. Teach myself shorthand

    Another professional resolution, but an important one. I managed to reach about 80 words per minute at one point, but never reached 100 words per minute. Shorthand is really useful and well worth learning. You can never completely rely on phones or recording devices, and sometimes you need something to fall back on.

  6. Take more photos

    I really enjoy photography, but never make the time to do it. I didn’t take many photos when I was at uni and really regret it now.

  7. Use social media more

    I need to build more of a brand and a profile on social media, so I’m going to spend more time doing that this year.

So those are my resolutions. I’m going to do my best to keep them and hopefully won’t end up writing an identical post in 2015.

(Photo credit: colink. on Flickr, used under Creative Commons licence 2.0).


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