New Year’s resolutions (round two)

Sleepy cat
Me, before I’ve had a cup of tea in the morning

Following my inability to keep last year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to be kind to myself this year and give myself just one: get more sleep.

I would describe myself as a sleep-skimper. Due to the nature of my job, I spend way too much time online, and even when I get home I don’t really switch off.

So this is what I’ll be doing this month:

1. Drinking camomile tea

Nothing beats a nice soothing cup of camomile tea right before bed. I particularly like Clipper Tea’s Snore and Peace, which smells a little bit like pot pourri.

2. Reading a book at bedtime

I’m currently enjoying The Burglar Caught by a Skeleton: And Other Singular Tales from the Victorian Presswhich unearths lots of fascinating tales from Victorian newspapers. I’m hoping it’ll give me less weird dreams than Frankenstein did.

3. Using an eye mask

I can’t make my room any darker, so I’m cutting out unwanted light with a soft eye mask. Lovely.

4. Turning off the TV

I tend to get into TV series (Mad Men, Vikings, you name it) and end up watching them when I really should be going to bed. Then I start thinking about the story and can’t go to sleep. Youtube is also a guilty pleasure, as it is for the 1bn unique monthly users who visit the site.

5. Stepping away from Facebook

Social media is addictive and sometimes you just need to step back from it.

Hopefully these steps should make me a happier, more alert person. What are your tips for a restful night’s sleep? Share them in the comments below.

Image by Matthew C. Wright used under Creative Commons licence 2.0

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