Tea break reads – tips for social sharing and more

Cup of tea by Olga Filonenko

I read an awful lot in a week, so I thought I’d start putting together a little round-up of a few interesting articles I’ve found. Stick the kettle on…

1. 19 tips and tools for social sharing and searching by Sarah Marshall, Wall Street Journal

I regularly check Sarah Marshall’s Tumblr, because she’s such a brilliant source of tips and tools for social media and online journalism and this blog post is no exception.

2. How to optimise your tweets for search by Greg Miller, Social Media Examiner

I’m unashamedly nerdy when it comes to learning about how social media works and that means reading about marketing as well as journalism. Google now picks up tweets in its search results, so this is really worth doing.

3. Always up-to-date social media image sizes from Sprout Social

This is permanently bookmarked on my browser – you can also set up alerts so you’ll know immediately when a social media platform changes its image sizes.

4. How Facebook decides what’s trending by Kurt Wagner, Recode

How does Facebook decide what trending news to show you? This great article explains how stories are selected and why trending stories aren’t necessarily the same as breaking stories.

5. Growth hack your way to your first 1,000 likes on Facebook by John Waldron, Markitwrite

Getting a Facebook account off the ground can be tough and this article provides a really helpful guide to getting started.

Photography by Olga Filonenko, used under Creative Commons licence 2.0.


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